Goals: Computer and Different Things Essay

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What are your educational and career goals?
My educational goals are to get my master’s degree from a good college. My plan was to go to a four- year college and find an internship that can increase my experience. When I gain my bachelor’s degree I plan on working in the technology field as a computer tech or programmer, or about two years. After that I will return to the same college and get my master’s degree. I would love to find a stable company to work at and build my career. There are so many technology fields, so I want to take advantage and do different things.
Discuss any extracurricular or community service activities that have been particularly meaningful to you.
Volunteering at Salvation Army gave me a better insight of how children of the newer generation behave. Each child I came in contact were unique in their own way. After a few days there of just helping for recess, the kids grew to me and I became a homework helper. And that was a good experience. The children changed my attitude and it made me really warm inside to know I had made a positive change. The troublemakers changed as I taught them the other choices they could be making. Seeing their faces bright up meant the world to me.
How have you been a leader in the past and how would you continue being a leader at UMBC?
I have known to be a leader in the classroom. I do what I am told to do and I lead by example, because eventually others followed my lead to be a leader. In my younger years I was known as a teacher’s pet. Those years I became a teacher’s assistant and my job was to watch my classmates and help them with work. I can still be a leader at UMBC by showing positive attitude, behavior, and actions that make a student stand out from a group of people.

Describe your experiences and/or interests related to information technology, engineering, or related areas.
This year as a senior I took a class that was new to my school. The class is called Foundations of Computer Science. I am learning very quickly about many different things. I ask many questions so I am able to do private projects at home. The class is very small but I stand out. I try to make my presentations very unique. Also a relative has been giving me the knowledge to be able to program a computer from scratch and is currently teaching me mobile development. When I have time I read and learn from the computer science books I have purchased. I learn some things on my own to avoid confusion. Identify some issues