Goals: Debut Albums and Boyfriend Benjamin Edwards Essay

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Moseley 1

10 January 2013
Hello there my name is Cyiesha Moseley. I’m sixteen years old ready to be seventeen and I’m a senior. I’m a very honest person and I tell it like it is. I have a wonderful boyfriend since June 12, 2012 . I’m a family person because where would I be without them. Nowhere. I’m outgoing love to have fun and just be myself. I have a bubbly personality and easy to get along with. Reflecting on my pass now that it is 2013 and how I came to grow a lot over a little amount of time , for starters band. Now band is familiar to me since I use to play the clarinet. But trying out for color guard and making it I would’ve never thought. But I’m glad I did. Now band camp I thought only happen in movies but boy was I wrong. It was fun though and always a learning and painful experiment. At the end of the day when I look back at those days I smile and happy that I accomplish something and we got a superior rating. Speaking of accomplishments one of the biggest is my wonderful relationship with my boyfriend Benjamin Edwards. I and he been together since July 12, 2012. We had our ups and downs but what relationship doesn’t. At least we overcame it an it’s making us stronger. For examples since we been together we had people all in our relationship including exes trying to get between us but we didn’t let that get to us. And every little problem we had and I ask a friend for help they tell me to leave it what kind of friend is that. When things get tough you don’t just get up leave you sit down and fix it and make it better and that’s what we did. Now where going on 6months strong and I know were young but Moseley2 were in love. The last thing I would like to cover about my 2012 year is my Christmas and my thanksgiving break. Let’s start off with thanksgiving break. I spent thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family and I had so much fun. I was very happy because it was my first time not being with just my family but the boy I was dating also. Then later that week I went out of town for that whole weekend (6hour drive) to visit my brother in prison. It was fun because I missed him a lot and just to see him made that trip worthwhile. As for Christmas break that was crazy. We had a little Christmas get together at my house. So before that we had to clean everyday and cook all night and day. During the break my daddy gave me money and I brought some clothes and shoes and my mama got me my lap top. Now for the Christmas party I was unhappy because my boyfriend couldn’t come to the party. But by the end of the night he came over and I was so happy to see him so I enjoy Christmas. So when I look bad