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Goals for Comp1 Apathy is the proverbial rope that binds us all ,aspiration the blade that frees us.Though young I still have my share of experiences.These experiences define who I am as a person and my goals define what I allow myself to experience.Being human i'm subject to occasional apathy but at one crux of my life i became overwhelmed with a sense of nothing.Through hard work and aspiration I rose above my apathy and began to truly experience life as I aspired to.This class is another experience i aspired to collect and my goals reflect that of an inexperienced youth in a fishbowl waiting to one day leap past the bounds of my bowl into a world much bigger than my own experience.Through this class i aspire to improve my composition skills to prepare myself for an environment that requires much more of me than i am currently capable,and as well to create a plethora of bonds with those i meet on my journey through Comp 1.
The current level of the composition skills i posses , as seen in this essay,rest somewhere between an ignorant writer and an overconfident high school student..Through this class i'll endeavor to participate in and research thoroughly the assignments, with the goal of insight into writing elements in mind,offered. in order to not only sufficiently improve my skills but to exceed that of which will be required of me.With great effort and help,from the wonderfully humorous and eccentric ,Mr.Cornette I believe in earnest that i can greatly advance my writing abilities.In order to accomplish this I have taken it upon my self to study dillegently both in and outside of class as well as to not pass off any assignment giving in to lethargy and apathy.What i make of myself is what my goals make of me and I will aim my goals towards truly experiencing this exciting new oppurtuniy given to me by Composition 1.
A matter of great importance to me is the bonds i forge as i carry out my life.Through this class i hope to forge many bonds that will last me many lifetimes.Other than the experiences and convictions you carry the connections you have with others defines your life.”experiences without convictions makes for harshness”;however,a path with no one to walk with is somber and empty. I want to experience not only what i can find for myself but what i can learn from others and strive to become part of someone elses experience in life.I want to connect with others on a level where you truly understand