Goals: Motivation and Goals Essay

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One way to become successful in life is to set your own goals. There are different types of goals and each has to be achieved in various ways. Setting goals is used by swimmers, business people, artists and almost everyone who wants to achieve something in life. Setting a goal gives someone motivation to complete it and it can help them to keep track of time organisation and to give them a vision of approximately how long it will take to achieve this goal and how much work will need to be done. To achieve a goal many factors must be taken into account. Some of these factors include values, well being and barriers that an individual may face. But then as an individual achieves their clear set goals, they will feel pride. In the long run, by setting goals an individual can increase their self confidence because they will realise just how much they can achieve.

Having values when someone is trying to achieve a goal is really important as they help to put perspective on how close they are to achieving it, they keep them motivated and willing to keep on trying to achieve their goal and they can give an individual hope that one day they will also achieve that said goal. The Interviewee said that their values were belief, focus, determination, resilience, persistence and perseverance. These are values that every person should have while they are trying to achieve their goals. It doesn't matter if it is a personal, workplace, social or any other type of goal you need those six values.

As the Interviewee said, belief is a very strong value because without believing in yourself then no one would be achieving anything in life. Everyone would be too scared and would feel too worthless to do anything or achieve anything. Having other people believing in them and supporting them will also help a person achieve the goals that they have set for themselves by thinking if that other people think that the goal-setter can achieve the goal, then they have to do it or they might let other people down. When others support an individual's goal and where they want to be after the goal, some moral support will be received and that support will help to motivate and keep the goal maker to be determined and have persistence. Another factor of great importance is having determination. In the Interview, the Interviewee explained that having determination and resilience kept them going and helped them to keep studying and learning to the best of their ability so that their dream and goal could finally come true so they could get a career in the psychology profession.

While an individual might have values to achieve their set goal, sometimes a barrier towards achieving this goal might stumble across the path and slow down or put a stop to being able to achieve the goal they have set. Many, many different things can be barriers for achieving goals but most of them can be overcome. Some barriers include having self doubt and bad well being which was stated in the interview but there are others like health, finance, procrastination, laziness, not having enough time, knowing what to do and how to do something, and also having a lack of skill, among other things. Almost all of those barriers can be applied to an individual's goal and how it will stop the process of achieving it. Like the Interviewee said, the bad self esteem and well being will get better with time, there really isn't anything that an individual can do to speed up the process of getting better self esteem but they can speed up getting a better well being by being fulfilled and satisfied with your life. This can be achieved in ways such as exercising and having a healthy living environment just to name two.

Having a good well being can really affect a person's chances at completing and achieving their goal. Well being can affect a person's life in both good and bad ways. If someone has good well being it can make an individual's chances greater at…