Goals to Graduate Highschool Essay

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Frederick Hines Jr.
English P.5
December 3, 2013
Goals for Graduation of 2016
On November 1st, the class as a whole met with their counselors, the counselors discussed with us our grades and goals to achieve graduating from high school. When I met with my counselor she told me that my grades and test scores are fabulous and I’m on the right track to graduating high school, she discussed to me about the five “P’s” Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance meaning if you want something, you have to properly plan, to prevent poor performance later. That quote that she gave me really got me inspired into the goals that I need to accomplish in order to pursue graduating from high school on time.
The first goal that I want to achieve is to graduate on time. How I will achieve this is goal is by making sure I check my Aries account daily, to keep an update on my grades. Second, I want to have no missing assignments, so I will make sure I do my work in class and focus on what I have to do. Third, No tardies or absences, how I will avoid getting absences and tardies are first I will go to bed on time instead of staying up until 12 a.m. like I normally do. Also I will have all my clothes and school work together the night before so I will not but up rushing in the morning. Lastly, I can also graduate on time by having all of my credits; I can achieve getting all my credits by keeping my grades up C’s or better.
The second goal is to pass the CASHEE, how I can pass the California High School Exit Examination is to focus on my work studies, and if I have a problem with something ask the teacher or go to afterschool tutoring. Secondly, I need to also read more books, I know it sound silly but reading more books can help you with your grammar and it help you get more of a knowledge of big words so if you come across a big word on the CASHEE unlike other people you will know it.
Third, I want to join a club or a baseball team so I can get a scholarship and the price for college would be more affordable. For me to accomplish getting in one of these, I need to keep me G.P.A up at a 2.0 or higher
Fourth, another step for me to graduate from high school on time is to stay out of trouble and not get suspended. How I can accomplish stay out of trouble is to M.Y.O.B (Mind Your Own Business). Getting suspended from school looks very bad on a transcript in wouldn’t look go when I apply to a college.
The last step I need to take to graduate on time with the class of 2016, is to make sure I have all my credits and to do that I will need to check with my teachers and counselor to see if I have all my credits and if there is some that I am missing I need to see if there is a summer school available so I can make up for those classes.
When I graduate for high school, I have to go to college because my older sister is at Lincoln University so everyone expects me to go too, plus I kind of want to go on my own to because I don’t want to be like some people living of the government funds. Not only do I want to go to college because of that but, to make my mom proud of me and also because I want to be somebody in life not the bum on the street who asks you for spare change so they can eat. I plan on going to a University or