Goblin Market Essay

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Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” is a very descriptive and interesting poem, although many people debate on whether or not it is considered pornography. Personally, I did not read she was sending a hidden sexual message, she never really says they are having relations. I read that she was sending a message more along the lines of Adam and Eve. The theme of the poem being to beware of temptation, and temptation goes hand in hand with the story of Adam and Eve. The so called “goblin fruit” being The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, all was fine until Laura (Eve) was too curious for her own good and had to try it. The goblins in the poem are playing the role of the snake, or Satan, lying and encouraging the temptation, saying its okay to eat the fruit, and making it possible and so easy to access. Once the fruit had been eaten by both Laura and Eve, a bad feeling overcame them, guilt, sickness, and regret. Their eyes were opened to what was bad; an unchangeable, irreversible knowledge had come to them. Laura could not live without the sweet taste of the goblin fruit, and Eve knew the difference between good and bad; both would from then on have to decide for herself what was right and what was wrong. Lizzie is like Christ in that she suffers for Laura’s sins, she had to go down to the market and deal with the goblins forcing fruit in her face and being ridiculed by the men. Lizzie tells Laura to lick the juices off of her cheek, she then