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Cathey Saha’s Edits First Paragraph Rossetti, with full freedom, draws upon a vast poetic range
: the gentle folding of visual sense into the underlay of the poem
, language laced with musicality
, rhythms to match the momentum of the character’s emotions
The imagery of the wishlist of fruit fantasised by
Laura; "Bright­fire­like barberries/ Figs to fill your mouth” triggers the sense of the abundance of nature, of the rich fruitfulness on offer and the appeal it has the girl of interest, Laura. The vibrancy of description of the colour and lushness of the fruit illustrates that the strength of the longing for a taste of the fruit is an emblem of her fiery desire for lust
. While through the depiction of the sinister goblins as creatures that
“ tramped at a rat's pace” and “crawled like a snail” and are obtuse and furry in appearance
The structure of the lines, short and in a heavyset group, and the range of the sounds offered in the verbs provide a sense of jerkiness in the movement of the goblins’ march down the valley, clearly indicating the unattractive appearance in contrast to their hypnotising charm which Laura falls entrapped to. After a crescendo in the rhythm in the second last stanza, Rosetti tapers off the conclusion of the verse with a lull in the pace through the simplicity in the lines and a the use of a tricolon “To cheer..., To fetch..., To lift...”
;a homely happy ending around its un­especial moral, "For there is no friend like a sister...", reminding the reader that "Goblin Market " purports to be a children's poem.

Second Paragraph Rosetti explicitly invites an allegorical reading drawing on the tone of a