Goblin Market Romanticism Essay

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The Transcendence of Romanticism The romantic period of English Literature was one of the most prolific periods of literature throughout the world. Romanticism has not changed between modern and present day over the last centuries. One of the more modern authors of the Romantic Period is Christina Rosetti who authored the Goblin Market. The Romantic Period overlapped with the Victorian Era and the Realism Era due to the centuries in which they occurred. While romanticism hit its peak in the 1800s, there were themes that started in biblical times and still transcend today. First, from the Goblin Market, the allusions recognized throughout the narrative poem are literary allusions and biblical allusions. Because of this, it is understood …show more content…
An example of literary addiction in the “Goblin Market,” Rosetti writes: “I ate and ate my fill, yet my mouth waters still; tomorrow night I will buy more…” (1070). Laura is being tempted by the goblins and she wants to purchase more forbidden fruit. From this literary example, it is a reminder of the biblical allusion of addiction, gluttony. Gluttony means excessive consumption of food. Followed by The Book of Genesis where it mentions Eve being tempted by a snake, Satan, she eats the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge; The Book of Psalms reads, “They stubbornly tested God in their hearts, demanding the food they craved,” (Bruggermen 1033). So, it is obvious that to be addicted to something it must be fueled by temptation. Addiction can also be referred to the Victorian Era as well as the Romantic Period. Women in the Victorian period craved attention in the auctions from their future husbands. They wanted to know how much money men were willing to spend to spend the rest of their life with his wife. While in the Romantic Period, men and women craved romance with their spouse. Today, many young men and women are constantly seeking romance as if there is some form of void in their lives. They may feel as if the thing they are looking for to fill the void is