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Dialectal journal

Quote | Connection about life | Chapter 1 | | “He would remember his own childhood, how he had often wandered around the looking for a kite sailing leisurely against the blue sky” pg.5 | This reminds of a kid searching for who he is, learning who he is, coming of age. He is reflecting on his innocence and how nice it would be to go back to it if just for one day | “As soon as Unoka understood what his friend was driving at he burst out laughing”pg.7 | Unkoa knows he cant pay his friend and assumes that his friend knows that so he thinks it a joke to him. This is like the government going and trying to get money out of a man who is in debt with many other people | “Age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered.”pg.8 | It means that even though your might be old someone younger might be more respected depending on what he did. I think this reflects the real world, being old does not entitle you to the best of the things you have to earn it | “Unoka, the grown-up, was a failure.”pg.8 | He lived as he grew up lazy and a failure. He shamed his son even though no won held himee tribe accountable. Even though the tribe didn’t hold him accountable e still felt deep inside his fathers burdens were placed on him | Chapter 2 | | Okonwo wondered what was amiss, for he knew certainty something was amiss .10 | He had a uneasy feeling about what his dad even though he knew that he was gone and was going to be fine. Okonkwo can be related to in this section to cows before a storm. Not knowing what the problem is, just knowing that something is going to happen. | The crowd shouted then shouted with the anger and thirst for blood pg 12 | I think just like my life when something goes wrong everybody is against you and when your good everybody with you . | Umuofia was feared by all its neighbors. pg13 | Umofia is the tribe that Ohkonko lives in, its a waring tribe that takes over other tribes around them. I thought this was important because it shows what kind of impact Umoffia has on its surrounding area. | He did not know who the girl was, and he never saw her again pg.15 | That girl helped him, but he never knew what her name was, and im guess shes probably going to show up in the future of the story. I think that she will end up being part of the main story | Chapter 3 | | ''You have offended neither the gods or your father''pg.17 | The “oracle” told okonkwo that he has not shamed nor disgraces his father or the gods |…