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THE BEGINNING AND THE END Highway to Heaven, pavement of gold, visions of the foreseen stories to be told… This is my story. This is my song.
GRANDMA’S HANDS 103, you tell me. I learned so much, but never enough. That’s why this chapter is the leader of the pack.
Been through so much with me especially in my younger days… I didn’t care for Mother much and didn’t start calling her Mother, until about five years ago, but I knew to love my Dad. I had to move forward and learn to love her, and pray she felt the same. You can’t make a person love you, but I’m glad she and I have come this far. Thank you for showing me and growing me, through my DAD. Thank you once again, for showing me the error of my ways; not hers, but mine.
MARRIAGE, LOVE, HATRED, TRUST Two years ago, I would have thought different, but now and this day, in this era, I see a new vision; not one of hatred, but one of restoration. I wanted the worst for him. I wanted the most ill of him. Now I wish him the best. On this journey, this is the greatest test!
MOMMA NEVER SAID THERE’D BE DAYS LIKE THIS…DEAR MOMMA… Two months ago, I would have wished the worst, without understanding, but today, on this day, God is so demanding that I visualize what she saw, what she endured, what she encountered, without judgment on this day… Momma Never Said There Would Be Days Like This…
CHRISTOPHER (GOD SENT CHILD) What can I say? He has “challenged the challenge.” He has defeated the defeat. He has conquered the conqueror. Nothing and no one, but God, has sent him my way.
TUMILI (KID INK, DA MASTERPIECE) (WOW!) Drawn as he sees it; no mistakes made. People often wonder if it’s a charade. Don’t get side-tracked. It’s as real as it gets. Pictures, graphics, hand-made elusions, DA MASTERPIECE IS GREAT!
DEMARCUS (THE OTHER SIDE OF ME) My heart is broken. My heart is torn. I won’t be defeated; Demarcus, “I borne.” I’m being tested; trials and tribulations, but the greatest of them all is a woman that I won’t be scorned.
Attention. The Time Is Turning You. Directing, Evolving…
“Noly” has helped me to see me, through her, the greatness of life and divine order I need to be in… She has an A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E BUT it’s an inherited one, for Growth and Evolution of this new-found journey.
ZAKEYIUS (MY LITTLE GIANT) They said he wouldn’t make it past the point of no return, but my God is awesome! A lesson to be learned… 11 years, in counting… What a wonderful child! So meek, so mild, a genius with a humble smile. Oh, what a wonderful child!
ZION (GOD’S CHILD “FOREAL”) Graceful, humble, elegant, loving, and devoted, wouldn’t trade her for the world.
ZYHEIR (OLD MAN IN A SHOE) As grandma would say, “He’s been here before.” His spirit and demeanor show and tell you that he’s one step ahead of the game. A step ahead of the world… Catch him if you can!
Tapered Dreams, But Restored Visions… You ever wonder where you will end up in life? Where your dreams will go? Where your visions gripe? You ever seen yourself in a ditch, trying to pull out, but understanding the rip, the tear, the stitch? I often wonder, “Is my voice being heard, is this in my head, is this vision absurd?” Nailed to the cross, riveted my feet, is this life real, is this Obama’s defeat? Did you hear the opposition, tearing me down? Did you see the crowd burning my crown? Woe is me, but woe is you. I need you to understand, this you could, too. This is over your head; you might not ever get it, but in the end, life is to be fitted. Fitted like a crown, fitted like a shoe, fitted like size 10… It’s up to you. FITTED…
DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL FOR LIFE (DO NO WRONG) A man once told me, “Don’t challenge your mother.” Things I did never helped the others. He told me not to blame her, because I didn’t know his side. Love your mother; respect her with pride. I still couldn’t