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Argument Essay

God Exists

The existence of God has been debated by mankind all over the world for centuries. Belief, or non-belief, in God has destroyed families, and brought them together. Many people say they have experienced His presence in different ways, such as tragic or traumatic events. For me, God’s presence is the peace that He gives beyond my understanding, which is the absence of fear, anxiety, and worry that controls everyday life and situations. There are many different religions that share the same belief that God is the true designer of mankind, and all that exists in the world today.

First of all, consider the more complex issues that make us who we are. We are made in such a way that cannot be truly explained by the most intelligent and celebrated medical professionals. Medical science can list all of the body parts and their functions, but have not explained, to my satisfaction, how we got here, and why we are specifically designed to inhabit and flourish on planet Earth. Secondly, most, if not all, things on this planet are specifically designed for mankind to use and manipulate for our good, and our survival.

Consider the air we breathe. You cannot see or touch it, but could not survive without it. Another example is the Sun, which gives us light, warmth, and is the correct distance from the Earth to sustain life. The importance of the Sun rising and falling every day is vital to our survival on this planet, as well. The trees are another important example of God’s definitive work in providing us, and other living creatures, the oxygen needed to live.

Our food sources are just as important, and this speaks to the absolute creation of mankind by God. The different variety of foods that grow and are used to nourish our bodies must be considered in the argument as to whether or not God exists. Without it, we would cease to exist.

However, there are many who would argue the “Big Bang” theory of evolution, in which atoms and particles somehow magically came together and formed this magnificent piece of work called the human body and its anatomy. Let’s not forget the whole monkey business story about how we walked on all fours, evolved into the Neanderthal, and all of his glory. If that is the case, if we