God Is Good Essay

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Rosangel Ozuna
ESL 022
First Draft Thesis Essay


Univision News 41 said “a teenager died, in front of his house, shot thrice by his best friend”. How sad it’s to hear that many kids, teenager, and adults died because of firearms.
That’s why I believe that firearms shouldn’t be permitted in the whole world. First, innocent people died. Second, most of those weapons were obtained illegally. Finally, guns are not safe.
Victor, my friend’s brother died last year. Victor was in his friend’s house. That night his friend was showing him the gun that his father bought him. So his friend started cleaning the gun, but he didn’t know that the gun was loaded and shot Victor in the head, so he died instantly. Obviously my friend and her family were devastated. All those people that obtain guns illegally should be in jail. There are not policy, so they can buy weapons when and where they want to. A firearm it’s not a game or a toy. Arms dealers shouldn’t sell weapons to minors or to anybody that doesn’t have a police permit. I read in the New York Times, that Adam Lanza used one of her mom weapons to kill all those kids and teachers including her. Guns are not safe for no body.
In a Spanish show called Caso Cerrado (Closed Case). A lady went to the court to beg Judge Ana Maria Polo to put a restraining order for her husband, so he couldn’t be able to buy illegal weapons. This lady saw her 5 years old daughter with his husband weapon in her