God Isn't Real Essay

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God Isn’t Real

Man has made many advancements since the beginning of time, it is mind boggling to me that many people still cling to that belief that there is in fact a God.

I believe that if there was such a thing as God he would have to be narcissistic. People claim for him to be a know it all, powerful being. Why else would he create man and instruct us to love and worship him? To me it seems logical that such a divine being would search for pleasure in something substantial than many primitive animals gathered around in a building reading a book to praise and love Him. If I were a God, I would honestly find that if people were worshipping me daily to be annoying and it would bore me. I don’t understand why people look to God for hope when all the hope they need is right in front of them.

If god did exist, where is the proof? All we have is a series of stories that God came here and he sacrificed himself to relieve humans of all their sins. There really isn’t any scientific evidence that god does exist. He has never left any physical evidence of his existence on Earth, he is just as imaginary as leprechauns. Have you ever heard that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold? How often do you find that to be true? Never. That’s because its an old folktale. Just like Gods’ existence is.

Atrocities such as the Holocaust or the AIDS pandemic happened without any response from God. If there was a God that shouldn’t have happened considering he is cracked up to be this macho power man. He didn’t/doesn’t help the people involved with either of those two examples. Holocaust survivors still have to live with the nightmare that they once had to endure. Not only did the Jewish people have to endure the Holocaust they were also persecuted when the Egyptians were building the Pyramids. People affected by