God shed His grace on thee Essay

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Comparative Essay: God Shed His Grace on Thee
When I think of the word “freedom,” several notions come to mind. I think of our nation’s founding father’s effort they put forth for the successful future of America and the battles fought by our country in order to secure our independence from imperial nations. The United States of America is said to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Luckily, I am able to live as a citizen in such an environment, where I can have independence and express myself freely. However, many people are not able to live freely such as I do. Communistic nations have almost total control of their citizens, and most of these citizens do not know what it is like to have freedom. I believe many Americans take freedom for granted and do not realize just how good they have it compared to citizens of other nations.
My family comes from a long line of cultures and diversity. My father’s side of my family has roots that originated in Hungary. Although this happened many years ago, my ancestors at some point saw a future in America and decided to start a new beginning here. My forefathers must have seen how America’s liberty was something every country strived to achieve and how it allowed its people to become successful. I imagine my very early ancestors were anxious on their expedition to this new home they wanted so badly. If I could see them, I would thank them for the courage they presented when leaving their homeland to see a possible future in a new domain. My predecessors’ history helped allow me to become the free person that I am today. One of the greatest advantages I have as an American citizen in the freedom of opportunities. The beauty of living in a country that is independent is the ability to be your own person. Although there are limits, including laws and restrictions, these limits in America do not come close to those of communistic countries. Independent citizens have the capability of becoming however successful they desire. If someone were to want to put the effort into getting the education to become a doctor and make a well paying salary, it would be very possible. That person would be able to make their own paycheck and live their life based on the success they achieved. In a communistic country, government takes the control of the paycheck of every family and decides where the money should go to benefit the country. When it comes to my education, living as a free citizen allows me to become anything I want to be. My possibilities are endless. In contrast, this freedom of opportunity is limited for citizens living in communism. I see this as unfair, and I am very thankful that I live in a country where my triumphs will pay off for my family and me in the long run. Traveling across the world is one of my most favorite things to do. Experiencing new cultures and people is what I live for. Traveling is something that I could never see being taken away from me. With that being said, imagine yourself in a country in which the government had total control over you. Think about what it would be like to have monstrous guard towers and mine fields surrounding you to ensure that no person would enter or leave unless granted permission by the dictator. Although these restrictions may sound very severe, this form of government actually occurs in some countries, such as North Korea. To think that I could have the ability to explore new regions taken away from me due to the sternness of my government leaves me in awe. For most of the