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e) Arguments from design to God’s existence don’t work now we know about evolution

Paley argues that all parts of an eye are fitted together for the purpose of seeing just like how all parts of a watch are fitted together to check the time. He believes that our eyes are designed by someone just like how a watch is designed by a designer. Paley’s main argument is that the designer is God, he planned and designed our eyes, our body and the whole world therefore God must exist.

In response, some people say that this isn’t a strong argument after all because it is apparent that there are some bad designs in the world. (people with no arms, bad organs, genetic diseases etc.) They often say that Christians believe that God is perfect but if he is perfect, why didn’t he create a perfect world? The bad designs around us don’t lead to belief in an omnipotent God. Moreover, some things lack purposes so why did he even create them?

The technology and science have developed and we now know about evolution. Because of evolution theory some people believe that God doesn’t exist and he isn’t the creator of the world. This is a strong argument because there is a scientific proof. The theory of natural selection, survival of the fittest explains how we were able to evolve from chimpanzees. Also there are physical evidences including fossils and bones which show that we weren’t just created suddenly by someone.

In contrast some Christians believe that since the chance of a universe containing life is so unlikely God must have caused it so he created the world. The atheists might argue that if God does exist and he is very powerful and skilled, why didn’t he make it apparent that he is the designer of the world so everyone believes in him? In reply Christians might say that God wanted us to have a free will and if he left a clear evidence of his existence, people will have no freedom when choosing their religions. However, I think this is a weak argument because after all we don’t always have a free will; we are living under the laws, rules and pressures. Also, in the Bible it says people who believe in him will go to heaven and this is pressurising people to believe in him

Furthermore even though there is an evolution theory, some Christians still believe God’s existence because the Bible says that ‘when I consider your heavens, the work of your