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God’s Not Dead Revisited by Roger Patterson on August 5, 2014

In a vital discussion focused within the church, this book explores the foundational issues around the debate on the age of the earth revealing that the debate has a much more compelling and simple core truth—scriptural authority.
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In a previous review of the movie God’s Not Dead, I claimed that the film used the big bang and biological evolution to support the existence of God. As a film that is explicitly Christian, this is problematic. As a result of the first review, many AiG supporters raised concerns about the critical nature of the article. I do not offer this second article as a defense of my own character, but to offer an example of thinking carefully about the messages we receive today through various forms of media—even if they have some truth in them. We are called to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). I pray that this article will reflect a critical mind in testing all things and holding fast what is true without reflecting a critical spirit.
As I stated in the initial review, “As with lots of movies, an astute and mature Christian can use this film as a teaching opportunity by opening up the pages of Scripture with those who have seen it to explain the real origin of suffering in the world as well as the real hope of salvation by repenting of sin and trusting fully in the Creator God—Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not dead: He is risen and seated at the right hand of the Father. Let us boldly proclaim that He is the Judge of the living and the dead rather than putting ourselves in His rightful place.”
As this article is being posted, the God’s Not Dead DVD is being made available to the public, and promotional kits including sermon outlines, a DVD-based study curriculum, study guides for adults and students, and other promotional resources are being sold to churches. While these resources will surely contain many biblical explanations and encouragements to stand strong in the faith and proclaim the truths of salvation to all, there will likely be elements that are unbiblical and promote various forms of evolutionary ideas as compatible with the Bible.1 This article is intended to help you think critically about those aspects, whether or not you choose to use these resources with the movie.
Receiving Correction
I acknowledge that I could have done one thing better in my initial review: I could have acknowledged the helpful elements of the film in a way that was more approving of those aspects without endorsing the negative aspects. After receiving many negative comments through social media and emails regarding the article, I thought it would be wise to view the movie again to consider the concerns raised by the commenters. Some of those comments fell far outside the prescription of Ephesians 4:29 and several likened me to a pawn of Satan getting people to not watch the movie. After watching the film again with another trusted brother from the ministry and transcribing the sections of the film that dealt with the scientific and moral arguments, I stand by my original review without hesitation and with only one caveat.
In hindsight, I should have said more positive things about the effect a movie like this can have in encouraging Christians to be bold in sharing and defending their faith. Based on the success of the theater release, this is surely the case with God’s Not Dead. Exhibiting a willingness to challenge the thinking of fellow students and stand up to professors who would try to indoctrinate students rather than teach them to think critically is a commendable, Christ-like trait, and I am sure this movie has had that effect for many. It also admirably demonstrated a willingness to trust Christ and do the God-honoring thing despite the