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Sociology Term Paper
Our experiment started with the question of “Does gender have an effect on the willingness of males and females to help people who are in need of assistance?” Our overall hypothesis was that females would be more likely to help people who are in need of assistance opposed to males. . We started our experiment at Kings Plaza Mall, on March 29th 2014, Each of us dressed differently to see if the way a person is dressed would also mirror results; Kassidy was dressed in elegant attire, wearing heels a skirt and a blouse, her hair was blown out in curls. Francesca dressed extraordinary wearing her sing costume in which she was a candy cane, so her outfit included red and white striped tights, white shoes, a red shirt with glittering candy canes, along with a red and white toll tutu, her hair was in pigtails. Jeanna dressed in baggy sweat pants, an oversized t-shirt and ugg slippers, her hair was in a messy bun. Briana wore jeans, combat boots, and a dressy shirt; her hair was down and straight. Each member of the group walked around the mall, whether it was inside the mall, out side the front of the mall, or in the parking lot. each group member had a total of 4 bags with items inside , that when the bags would “fall” out of our hands we would see who was more likely to help us pick back up all the items found in the bags ( items in the bags varied from toys, hair care products , movies, board games, etc.). The experiment involved a total of 48 people, making it so that each group member had 12 people either help them or have them walk right by them and receive no help at all.
The results are as follows:

Through our results we were able to see that our hypothesis was proven true for three of us, all except for how Brianna was dressed were females more likely to help than males. Unfortunately we are unsure as to why these results happened however there a few flaws within our experiment, some group members had more male participants than females, we also have to take into account that all of our group members were females and our results to our experiment could differ based upon the fact if we had male group members instead of females. A study related to ours was conducted in Finland. The study was conducted on a crisis center telephone line; the contact between the caller and the person being called was anonymous. Genders were determined by voice, but no other information was revealed. Gender became a critical factor in