Godiva Case Study Essay

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Executive Summary

Strategic Issues, Problems, and Opportunities

Godiva aims at increasing its market presence all over the world. There are numerous issues that stand in Godiva's way, but certain ones need immediate attention. They present themselves in order of importance. First, there is a need in Belgium to increase and maintain their market share. Secondly, as a worldwide company, Godiva must concentrate on the lack of uniformity and inconsistency within its image. With a saturated market, Godiva faces another issue as it lacks the competitive advantage within Belgium that's necessary to expand and capitalize on opportunity. Next, no beneficial balance is struck between automation and handwork in the production of the
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The final step Godiva then must take is making sure that their overall business plan is consistent and incorporates the internal and external factors mentioned above. Godiva's mission in the past and still today is to target the wealthy market. To make the mission come together they plan to operate towards the same goals in a more effective manner.

Market Share in Belgium

The first issue that must be addressed is that Belgium needs to gain and keep market share. As Belgium is the birthplace of chocolates and their consumption is the strongest, it makes it the most important country to the triad. With 10%, Belgium has an unacceptable market share. It is critical that they realize the positioning of the brand belonging to Corne Toison d' Or. As it is not separate from Godiva, as originally planned, Godiva needs to capitalize on the market in Brussels. 31% of the people in Brussels are unaware of the lack of differentiation in the positioning of the brands. With an increase in awareness of a consistent Godiva brand in Brussels, the Belgium market has the potential to gain and keep a significantly higher market share.

Consistent Image Worldwide

Perhaps just as critical and relative to Belgium's strategic issues is Godiva's responsibility to convey a consistent image. Boutiques worldwide need to have a uniform look. They all need to be renovated to incorporate the "look," golden letters on a black background, using the