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God’s Day

My favourite place is a place of comfort of mind. Sundays are called God’s day for a reason. I open my eyes to a stream of light flowing through my blinds. The shadows of the sun creep on to my awoken face and warm up my soft blankets which I have been dreaming in. Tranquility hits me, it’s very quiet and all I seem to hear is my own calm breath. I look to see my feet being tickled by my cat, Loo, who also seems to be enjoying the morning. I pat her soft, fluffy head and she responds with a soft purr. The problem with the start of my Sunday morning is trying to get out my soft bundle of warmth and getting up. 12:30 PM rolls around and I get out of bed. I get out of my bed, and look down to see my fuzzy Christmas slippers which I started wearing way to early. I chuck on my blue house coat which has fishes swimming along the sleeve. I slug down to see my mom’s comforting face. I smell fresh fruit being chopped up and then I hear a noise which is way too loud to be a morning sound. My mom hands me my green smoothie, yuck. I gulp it down feeling and tasting the hints of vegetables which my mom forces down my throat. I crack two eggs straight into the pan hearing the scream of sizzle and pop. I set down my protein and the fresh taste of the morning sinks in. My mother leaves for her daily Sunday hike; she urges me to go and “enjoy” Sundays like her, walking through green and moving my feet. I always say no because my relaxing morning really starts when she leaves. I finally have the house to myself. I pull out my green foamy yoga mat and give my muscles and limbs a nice stretch, they thank me. I grab a spoonful of loose-leaf tea and put it into a tea bag which goes into a cup filled with steaming water. I quickly see my clear water turn into a dark red of colour. I smell the vanilla rouibous and melt, I add a touch of honey and I always manage to get a bit on my thumb which I lick off and a burst of sweetness greets my mouth. I’m pretty impatient, I take a sip before my tea cools down and it burns my throat and tongue; when will I learn? I take out my stacks of magazines and indulge my mind with inspiration and colours. I put on my running shoes, and finally greet myself with what is going outside my walls. The world waves hello. I see my neighbor’s dog, Percy. Percy is a big grey and white Siberian husky, he wags his tail with the excitement he seems to always have. I smell the the leaves and see a nice foggy afternoon. The once bright green trees seem to be covered by a thin layer of grey, this relaxes me like no other. I mute out the world with music, it feeds my brain with the song of sweet voices. I start to jog, slowing hearing my heart start to race with me. My feet follow the tracks of others, leading toward where I am running to. I finally get there. It’s a big, not-so-clean duck pond. I hear the sounds that ducks make, quacks? Nobody seems to come here; it’s always pretty deserted, but always lively with wildlife! Families of ducks, crickets, squirrels gather here, oh and me too. I sit on a wooden stump to catch my breath,