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Euthyphro Philosophy A Concise Introduction – PHI 208

Euthyphro If everyone took the time to discuss holiness / piety (reverence for God), there would always be many different interpretations or perceptions on what it really is and just how to determine that it is being done. The best philosophers in the world have engaged in many conversations about this subject for decades. Socrates has been one of many that discussed this subject. Socrates was a man that was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth. He wanted the best representation he could find to help him plead his case against the state. When he begin to speak with Euthyphro about his own accusations against his father, Euthyphro was bringing accusations of murder
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We must not forget that not all of the Gods will agree to all things collectively. As an outsider still, we have no definitive answer to what piety is? Yet we know that what the Gods give is a good gift but do we give them what is good? If we are to determine what is pious we should stay with the original assumption that I know today and that is to give honor, do what is good and pray to the Gods. I have still not heard either one of you give an answer that would make me change my mind, satisfy me or even you Socrates. Yes, you are correct, I Socrates have not received an answer that would change my previous perception of the Gods. I have heard that we are to minister to the Gods, understand that what the Gods love is holy and not holy because the Gods love it. What if anything is the benefit that we acquire from the gifts from the gods? Or as I ask earlier, “is it the right way of asking of them what we want”? (Euthyphro by Plato, 1642). If this is true then I should ask for the understanding directly to the Gods and this would be my defense to Miletus in showing the state what is piety and or holiness. It would only be fair to give them the answer to what the Gods have given to me and show that what I say to