Going it alone Essay

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How do the creators of your texts manage a balance between solitude and a dependence on other characters?

The creators of Beneath clouds and Raw create and also balance the solitude and the dependence of going it alone through their strong story line of facing separation and battling against their own problems around them. Both texts show deep meaning of how the people around them help and provide support to the characters in their own story lines.

The beneath clouds movie is an Australian production that has a young girl (leena) face the adversity of living in a bad environment. Leena faces that problem head on by going to the main town Sydney from her small poor town to find her long lost dad. Leena meets characters along the way of her jounery. A key character that she meets along the way is Vaughn who is a young and juvenile boy. They create this relationship which by they help each other and become closer together.

Ivan snel the director makes this relationship really grow along the way where leena and Vaughn are walking stride by stride together. The cotton is an example how the relationship between them two takes a new meaning. Vaughn hails down a car which is transporting a aboriginal family. When in the car a member of the aboriginal family asks
‘where are you from?’
Leena responds ‘I am from the ireland’. All the family think she is from an island but she actually from another continent. The juxtaposition of the cold climate of Ireland to the hot climate of Australia reinforces that Lena does not belong, and is yearning for something different in terms of a connection to place. Though leena connects well with Vaughn it is hard for her to understand his relationships with others.the solitude she has towards others who are not common or known to her can provide realistic view of leenas situation.

The book Raw by scott monk is following the journey of a teenager, Brett Dalton. The typical teenage attitude towards peer