Going To College Research Paper

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Going to college has been the ultimate goal for me every since I was a kid. Growing up with a big family has helped me see my cousins and my sister graduate from high school on their way to college. In addition, I grew up in the Philippines where education was fairly strict regardless of your grade level. Moving to the United States has been quite interesting, but I am proud to be well adjusted to the American education system.

Ever since my middle school years I challenged myself to continuously be responsible and consistent with my schoolwork. As a whole, this promise is basically a pledge that the next seven years of my education will be filled with top grades. Today, this promise has never been broken, and I don't intend to break it in my final year in high school. My
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My mother is currently unemployed, and I do not expect her to be employed in the near future. My mother was never married to my father who currently resides in the Philippines. Ever since we migrated to America, my father and I have little to no contact and we do not receive any form of financial support from him whatsoever. Fortunately, my sister has been providing us with our daily necessities. However, I do not expect her to pay for my college expenses. Therefore, I felt that my college choice were limited. This mindset soon changed after I understood the generosity of most universities with the financial aid colleges offer. This led to my motivation to reach for the stars and try to get into a prestige university hoping that financial aid will ease our financial tension.

With my interest in the field of technology I intend to major in Computer Science in college. With the field of technology on the rise, I believe that my intended major is fairly safe in terms of my future career regarding technology.

Ultimately, I believe getting a degree will give me the opportunity to help my mother as she gets