Going-to Future and Brady Essay

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It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Brady and Jasmine go to get a bite at Burger Shack two blocks away from the school. Jasmine and Brady have been dating for a month. Jasmine decides to go to Brady’s house to hang out after their meal.
The two arrive to his house. Brady opens the door and they make their way to his room.
Jasmine sits on the computer chair and takes off her shoes. “Do you wanna listen to some music?” Brady asks. “Yeah sure, that’s fine.”
Brady turns on Chris Brown’s station on Pandora. “So how was school today?” Brady asks. “I mean, it was pretty chilled. Math still sucks.” Jasmine says. “Same here. Mr. Ronald can really be asshole.” “Come sit on my bed.” Brady says eagerly.
Jasmine gets up and goes over to Brady’s bed. “Can I get a kiss? I miss your lips.”
Jasmine laughs and leans over to kiss Brady.
The two began making out. Brady gets on top of Jasmine and pulls her up closer to the top of the bed. Brady puts his hand is Jasmine’s shirt. He begins trying to open her pants. “Brady, No. I told you I’m not ready let.” Jasmine says angrily. “Just let it rock babe.”
Brady continues to open her pants. “No, I said no.” “Come on, like it’s been a month.” Brady says.
Jasmine pushes his hand and sits up. “I don’t care. I told you I’m not ready!” Jasmine exclaims. “Well, when you gonna be ready Jasmine? I’m not waiting forever.” “How about never? You’re a jerk.”
Jasmine gets up and goes to put her shoes on. “Where you