Going To The Library

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In today’s age, information can be readily accessed anywhere through the Internet. Though many students have internet connection in their own homes, many still prefer to visit the library to finish their homework. Some have difficulties in choosing where they would do their work and where they would find the best materials. Their choice depends on the factors such as the accessibility of the place, credibility of the sources and possible distractions.

First, students think about how close the place is to them. Their first choice would be to surf the internet because they have it readily in their houses and they do not have to move much. Also, they can be in their comfort zone while doing their work. On the other hand, going to the library may take up some of the time that could be used to start their research. Although it is a bit time-consuming, the library could be a good place for group research to make sure that everybody could come. Students should also think about the number of people involved and their proximity to each other in deciding how they will work.

Additionally, students should also consider the validity of their materials. Books are often a good choice because they were reviewed before they were published. Also, books in libraries are often good sources to look into because they put them in school libraries to be of use to students. Students may also seek the librarian for books or journals that could help in their work. On the other hand, anyone can upload any material in the Internet without any review. The credibility of these materials could be questioned especially if the author is unknown. Students should always take a good look on what information they are getting to make sure that the materials they used for backing up their work is valid.

Lastly, students should also take into account how