Gold IRA Research Paper

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Gold has always been a valuable commodity, wars have been fought over it and it still continues to be highly sought after today. Having a gold IRA is a great investment and allows you to invest in precious metals out of your own retirement account and diversify your portfolio.

What is a Gold IRA?

In essence, owning a gold IRA is like owning your own golden goose as it turns your retirement savings from paper fiat currency to real gold and other precious metals. In 2000, an ounce of gold was worth $272.65 and now in today's time, an ounce of gold is worth over $1,200. If you had invested in gold in 2000, you would have made almost a thousand dollars for every ounce of gold you owned.

Typically, traditional and Roth IRAs procure investments in paper like stocks, bonds and cash, in contrast, Gold IRAs allows you to invest in physical ownership of gold, silver, platinum and
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An integral part of diversification is investing in stocks that are not closely correlated, or that responds opposite of each other during finacial up and down swings. For example, during the 1970s, it was a terrible time for stocks, but a great time for gold, in the 80s and 90s, the opposite held true and in today's time, stocks are dropping as more investors are migrating toward gold.

What About Gold Ira Storage?

With a gold IRA, you invest in physical gold or other precious metals, so it is vitally important to choose a trusted gold IRA firm. There are two ways of buying gold, you can either buy and store it yourself or you buy it and have someone else store it for you. When you purchase gold through your retirement accounts, you never hold the physical gold in your hand, so this is an area where many people fall prey to countless scams. You must ensure the company is highly rated, holds a flawless reputation and is one you explicitly trust.

Which Gold Ira Firm Should I