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Journalism 1
Mr. Stenger
The Young Age of Forty

The golden age of 40 is the pinnacle of a man’s life. Born in Mexico’s dirt poor rural communities and taught in the flourishing United States, his tale of his journey too long to remember. He has lived with two perspectives and experienced more than he would ever think was possible; extending his footsteps as deep as northern Mexico and as far as the big apple, New York City. My dad at age forty is just the beginning of his book.
Waking up to the birds and the sunrise and not the alarms of technology was a typical morning for him. Skipping school with no consequences just to satisfy their boredom was common among him and his friends; never got caught, never faced judgment. Before he made a decision that changed his fate forever, he left behind a legacy. His nickname, Gordo, was well known all around town for his remarkable soccer skills. There was not a day he was without a ball. The Grand Slam decision was to leave his family, everything he had accomplished so far for the slight opportunity of a better life. Being the oldest, he left behind a brother and three sisters only at age six-teen. After the dreadful sneaky train ride, soon enough he found himself in the cold frigid North Carolina.
At this point there’s no turning back, no regrets. His hard work ethics lead him to his recruitment. Now working for Moores Inc. he has dilated his pupils so see the glamorous cities on his list. He had traveled unrestrictedly across Florida to every corner and dent on the map. He shared the wealth temporally in New York, exploring each day as if he was a tourist. He touched life many would think was impossible. While in New York, he dinned with millionaires and billionaires he had no acknowledgment of them, where the only number that mattered was the numbers of zeros. He grew on their advice and since then has not faced any critical financial problems.
The notable people he has encountered are all legends. He was trusted to care and handle furniture that once belongs to King James’ family. That simple dresser cost a