Golden Corral Research Paper

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Golden Corral contains a lot of my memories from when I was a kid, to now. Because of this it holds a special place in my heart. The first Golden Corral opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1973. It took a confident first step in the restaurant buisness, beginning a tradition of offering guests real wholesome foods in a family-friendly environment. It is well known as Americas #1 buffet and Grill and my #1 place to go eat. Golden Corral has an abundant amount of food with a large variety. It's family friendly atmosphere makes people want to go their often, making it very popular with large families. Not only that but it has generally cheap prices making it an easy place to go to and just eat. Golden Corral is just overall an amazing place to go eat. One of my favorite foods …show more content…
From different sauces, to different noodles, it's just amazing. It's extremely tasty, and just thinking of it makes me hungry, and my mouth gets watery. You could just pile it bowl after bowl until you're completely full. Even after you can just over stuff yourself. It's so great and I couldn't wish for more from it. When I go I just grab as much as I can before my mom tells me to get something different or to stop eating so much haha. But their macaroni isn't the end, their breakfast foods are also amazing! Since I can't go over all of my favorite breakfast foods, I'll just talk about their pancakes. Not only are they large and great in size, but you just can't stop eating them and you can get as much as you want, or allowed. Besides the pancakes are just so many different options. You could even get non-breakfast if you really wanted to. There's so much to chose from, you just want to take it all, and gain 500 pounds and die. You just can't help but putting as much as you can on your plate until you can't put anymore. It's absolute heaven. Another great thing about Golden Corral are it's amazing