Golden Gate Suicide-Research Paper

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the most famous suicide spots on the world. After seeing the video, I believe that this beautiful bridge should only be considered as a sightseeing spot and not a suicide spot. The worst thing a person can do in his life is killing himself. All the people who committed suicide from that bridge were depressed and had some social problems. They could even wait for a few days for the problem to get solved, but they chose not to and jumped over the bridge. They don’t think what consequences could take place after their death, how their family would feel and how society would think. There are so many ways to get over any problem in this world, jumping from bridge is not the one. I wonder how their minds allow them to take this step. They should at least think about their own family and talk to them instead of isolating themselves. All those family members who lost their loved ones are in pain. They were crying when they were talking about their son or other family member who jumped from that bridge. I was really shocked when I saw that old man climbing the railing and jumping in water from 220 feet. Only in a few seconds they were out of this world leaving behind their families in grief. These people spoil the name of Golden Gate Bridge by making it a death spot, and suicide is not the only way of getting over some problem. I was totally shocked by seeing this video but happy that…