Goldilocks And Red Riding Hood Analysis

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Have you ever pondered the comparisons and contrasts of Goldilocks and the Red Riding Hood? The general background information of Red riding hood is a story about a girl who is bringing food to her grandma who is sick. A wolf who is trying to eat her but she goes anyways. I think TRRH is the best out of the two girls. Some background information for Goldilocks and the Three Bears is she was breaking and entering the bears home and using all of their stuff. First, the comparison on why they went into the woods. Secondly, will be the comparison on what happened when they went into their respected houses. Lastly, what they did at end the story.

The Red Riding Hood went into the woods looking to help her sick grandma by giving her some food.
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When the wolf attacked her so she screamed out to the for the woodsman. When Goldilocks was in the bears’ house, she ate their food, broke their kid’s chair, and sleep in their beds.In this TRRH was the better person. TRRH relieved the forest of a predator by calling the woodsman to kill him, Goldilocks just used all the bears’ items.

At the end of the story of TRRH everybody got together to have some food. This ending of TRRH was cool because TRRH was a good protagonist and earned her good ending. On the other hand, Goldilocks was woken up by the bears and she started screaming and ran into the woods. She earned this ending because I believe she is a antagonist because the bears did nothing wrong they didn’t even eat her. She broke into the bears’ house and used everything they had and broke some stuff.

Out of the two stories TRRH was the better protagonist and did better things than Goldilocks. She helped her grandma when she was in need and got rid of a predator in the woods. Goldilocks broke into a house using the stuff the bears had. At the end her story of TRRH she was rewarded. Goldilocks almost got eaten at the end of her