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Questions for Review

The following questions are drawn from several chapters that you have studied this semester in this course. Answers are due by Sunday, 12/02/2012

Explain the meaning of a Career Portfolio. List and briefly describe four important benefits that one will gain from developing and utilizing a Career Portfolio in his or her job search.

Career portfolios are used to plan, organize and document education, work samples and skills. People can benefit from career portfolios because they are useful career to apply for jobs, apply to college or training programs, get a higher salary, show transferable skills, and to track personal development.

Making ethical choices at work is not always easy to do. You learned that individuals relay on and often combine several personal factors and organizational resources when choosing the answer or solution. One method involves the four-step process for problem solving and decision making. Describe each stage in this process and briefly explain what it means.

When making ethical decisions, it is important to evaluate the problem and understand the options as it will help in making the right decisions. Know the stakeholders as you will be able to know what are their views and they are fundamental in any decision-making process in the company, strive to do the right thing it will be fundamental in making you a valuable asset to the company and be in harmony with your employer’s values as it will make sure that you don’t break any rules.

Someone on your team is not doing her work. This person doesn’t contribute much in discussions, and it appears that she isn’t doing anything outside of team meetings to contribute to the work of the team. What should you do if you are the team leader? What should you do if you are a team member?

As team leader I would be in charge of the whole team, I should always make sure the purpose and goals of the team are clearly defined and clearly communicated to all the members. If a person is not contribute much in discussions and the person isn't doing anything for our team I will call the person to talk to me alone and I will ask what is wrong I wil try to find out the problem to see if I can help in anything I will try to motivate the person and tell the person that she or he always could come to me that I would be there to help you. Don't be afraid to ask me or tell me something.

If I'm m a team member I will go and talk to the team leader letting know that someone is not doing the right job. The leader will handle the situacion and I won't get involve in problems with my team.

What does accountability mean? To whom are you accountable,