Goldstein Essay

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“Letting Children Be Children” Are having straight A’s in school a necessity to achieve success in today’s society? I believe that children should be able to live their childhood as a child, compared to living like an adult. Being a child, you learn to develop into your own being. Children are developing morals, values, and goals while dreaming for the future is a part of life and should not be taken away. Imagine being told you could only receive straight A’s and only attend an Ivy League school to be successful in life. Patrick Goldstein’s “Tiger Mom vs. Tiger Mailroom,” which first appeared in Times on February 6, 2011, emphasizes how you can be successful in life with or without attending college and receiving a degree. …show more content…
Secondly, Goldstein reflects upon the younger icons of new-media to continue to support his opinion. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, as well as the founders of Twitter are degree-free. I agree with Goldstein’s logistics behind his opinion by letting children be children. Sure, children need to be aware of what they wish to become in their future, but they are innocent. Those children need to be given love and care that they deserve, not having to be in a controlling and sheltering lifestyle that Chua’s addressing. By spending time with friends, children can learn to bond and develop relationships. These relationships are important Goldstein argues. He promoted that:
It’s not about where you went to college or how good-looking you are or whether your could play football-it’s about whether you can create a relationship (Goldstein 273).
By having these children generate relationships at a young age, when they get older their inner-personal skills can develop into them becoming successful. I disagree with Goldstein with the point on saying that you have to go to Hollywood to become successful without a college degree. Goldstein expressed how Chua’s parenting code will be in a “radically different perspective” (Goldstein 272) if she went to Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood is a large city with more possibilities, but you do not have to go there to become successful. For example, if a man grew up doing construction work with his family, did