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When you think of golf clubs and bracelets, you don’t think about what they have in common or their differences, because they are not usually associated with each other. Daniel Steiger jewelers produced a bracelet that is made with steel and diamonds and sells to men for two hundred dollars apiece. This bracelet is very nice and looks high class. A very large ad was in a men’s magazine, and it was very clear that they are marketing to men who have money and rich taste. The ad showed a very nice steel bracelet with bright diamonds. The ad was extremely effective because when you turned the page, you could immediately see their product. With this description of the bracelet, it’s still hard to see how the bracelet is connected to golf clubs.
An extremely credible golf brand, Taylor Made came out with golf clubs made out of steel, which had never been seen before. The ad uses well-known golfers and shows them bragging about how cool and new the state of the art clubs really are. The golf clubs are top of the line and sell to men for five hundred dollars a set. The clubs will definitely hurt your pocketbook, but it is worth buying into the Taylor Made quality of the product. Both the clubs and the diamond bracelet are made out of steel and both are very expensive. A buyer would have to ask himself what is the opportunity cost of buying one of these tasteful expenses. Golfing is known as a rich man’s sport because the clubs are expensive, course fees are pricey, and many wealthy businessmen play. Many men love the sport and play in their free time after they retire. Golfers dress extremely nice on and off the course, and on some courses, there is a strict dress code. Recently NBA legend Michael Jordan was banned from a Miami golf course for wearing cargo shorts. (ABC) Not knowing this rule MJ was asked to go back to the club house and change his shorts. Jordan refused and was kicked off of the twelfth hole and forbidden to come back again. Michael Jordan is the leader of a billion dollar empire and is refused business to a high end country club. He was dressed very nice but the pockets were the problem. Many older men enjoy wearing jewelry, and the contemporary look of the steel bracelet sells to the same customer as the golf clubs would. It sounds to me like the bracelet company’s target market is wealthy older men, possibly the whole golf community, who are looking for a flashy accessory. Not only are both products made out of the same material, but they have the exact same messages in their ads. In both ads, the producers are trying to sell their product. The producers of the clubs and bracelets have hopes to sell their product by using very similar claims like, “At this price, it’s a steal,” and “Quality that is unmatched,” trying to make their product sound like the best out there. Using this type of marketing is an ethos approach. It is a very confident ad and it makes it sound like buying these products is worth it, because you’re getting a good deal, when really you are paying an inflated price. It is a very successful marketing approach because people buy into credible brands.
Taylor Made also uses a logos approach by showing the quality of the product for an affordable price. They quickly name multiple reasons why it’s the best product out there and do an excellent job of showing the clubs in action. They say that the clubs are stylish, confident, and light weight. As a golfer myself, I would never spend the two hundred dollars for a steel bracelet, but I might spend that money on a new steel set of clubs. For someone who already has a nice set of clubs and money to spend, they might be willing to buy the bracelet. It would be really smart to market the…