Essay on Golf Galaxy Assesment

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Retail Analysis To begin, I’d like to first introduce Golf Galaxy. Golf Galaxy opened its first store in 1997 making it a rather new however rapidly growing company, and now has over 45 stores spanning 19 states with an average size of 17,000 square feet. Golf Galaxy has quickly differentiated itself from its competitors by becoming the first interactive golf store providing superstore design, selection, and pricing along with pro shop knowledge and service, which is usually only found at your local country club. Golf Galaxy’s idea for competitive advantage is to take the benefit s of a superstore and combine them with the benefits you find at a country club. Golf Galaxy stands as one of the few stores in the United States with a …show more content…
Additionally, you’ll notice that Golf Galaxy hold a 11.57% return on assets which adds to the assumption that this company will remain successful with the current marketing and retailing strategy being used. This figure simply shows that Golf Galaxy is making approximately 11.57% profit on the total amount of assets that are held during the year. When compared to those numbers used in class, Golf Galaxy ranks quite high in profitability when concerned with the amount of assets needed to run the company and the amount of profit taken using these assets. In the end, Golf Galaxy has the best of both worlds, and yes I would highly consider investing in Golf Galaxy due to the research and numbers. With the analysis of both the financials of Golf Galaxy as well as their marketing strategy a competitor comparison can be assessed. Two best direct competitors for Golf Galaxy would be Pro Golf Discount and Nevada Bob’s. These particular companies pose the greatest threats to Golf Galaxy because they are very similar in their retailing strategies however; Golf Galaxy does have an edge in competitive advantage due to both the marketing and retailing strategy, as well as their financial positioning. The competitors may sometimes offer some of the services that Golf Galaxy does, such as swing analysis, club repair and re-gripping, and a golf simulator however, they very rarely offer all of the same services. Most of the time when you go into one