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GOLF and its Secrets

There is no doubt that the best method to improve golf is by practicing. Yet, there are other factors related that can have a positive effect on your game. Good swing positions will help on your ball striking for a more solid game. The clubs and the ball you use are other variables that have been modified and have a clear impact on your game. Golf as every other sports is demanding, and even though practice is required, you should focus on other variables to improve your play and technical skill.

Every good swing needs to start with a good and athletic posture. In the initial position for the swing the feet should be in the line of the shoulders, and the weight of the body should be balanced. The knees should be slightly flexed, the back should be bended from the hips and finally the arms should fall from the shoulders forming a triangle to hold the club. Before the swing starts, make sure your feet and your shoulders are aiming parallel to the target while the club face is aiming directly to it. The golf swing is based on the rotation of shoulders back and forth, that will also cause your hips to rotate giving more power to the impact. The first step of doing a correct swing requires to take away the club maintaining the angle between your arms and the club; start rotating your shoulders. Once you get to hip level, the club should be parallel to the ground and the face of the club should be facing the same way the player is facing. As you keep rotating your shoulders and hips back your wrists should start bending towards the target. The next step is the top of the back swing. A correct position for this requires the left shoulder to be straight, the weight on the right foot and the club should be horizontal pointing the target. An important think to consider during all the swing is that the angle of your back and your head should not move until after the follow through. This will make easier the movement of the shoulders for a consistent ball striking. As you get to the top of the back swing there should be a transition of weight from the the right food to the left food. The down swing should start by rotating first the hips. As well as in the back swing, once your hands get to hip level the club should be parallel to the ground. For impact position your hips should still be rotating, but the wrists should be released in order to keep the club square. During Impact position the hips should be almost facing the target, the wrists should be barely in front of the ball and the shoulders should be in the same position as the address. After the ball leaves the ground the arms should be straight with the same angle as impact, following the ball towards the target. This process of following the ball, rotating your shoulder until they are facing the target and turning your wrists is known as follow through. Last but not least, the final step is finishing the swing. Even though finishes vary a little among the players, all of them have the correct features. The weight completely on the left foot and hips, shoulders and head should be facing the target. Each player has their unique movements and style but every single one impacts the ball in the same place at the right moment. Modern golfers known for the perfection of their swing are Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Rory Mcilroy and Justin Rose as others. The repetition of this correct movements make the club direct the ball direct straight to the target.

Around the 1450s when there were the first references of golf in Scotland, golf clubs were made of wood due to the soft material of the ball used back then. As the popularity and the technology for this sport increased, they were able to create harder balls that could resist the impact of iron clubs. The first irons were made by blacksmiths and were known as blades. They received that name because of their thin and delicate shape. Now a days experienced people on this sport