Essay on Golf: Political Spectrum and Left Fairway Bunker

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Mistwood Golf Course hole-by-hole breakdown 1st- A shorter par 4. Take your drive left over the creek and if you pull it left it should open up. There is a big valley in the center left part of the green. If pin is in the front make sure to leave your approach shot short to avoid valley. 2nd- A short par 4. Aim your drive to favor the left side of the fairway. An uphill approach shot where you do not want to be above the hole. A miss left of the green is better than a miss right. 3rd- A short par 5. If the wind is helping take your drive to the right of the bunker and it should easily go past the bunker which is roughly 240 yards away from teebox. If the wind is not helping aim to the left of the bunker in the center. On your approach shot, aim yourself at the bunker on the left which is about 80 yards away from the green because you want to avoid the water that sticks out into the fairway more when you get closer to the green. If the pin is in the back of the green make sure you land short of the hole because if you hit it pin-high, you will roll off the back of the green which slants towards the water. 4th- A longer par 4. If the wind is behind you try to carry the bunker (about 230 yards) that sticks out on the left of the fairway to cut the left dog-leg and the hole becomes much shorter (will only have about 125 yards left). If the wind doesn’t help go to the right of the bunker. Stay in front of the pin because the green slopes from back to front. 5th- A short par 4. This hole is possibly the easiest hole on the course. Depending on the wind, take a 3-wood off the tee and you will only be 125 yards out if you hit your 3-wood about 200 yards. Aim for the left part of the fairway which would give you a better angle to the pin. The green has a big ridge in the center of it and if the pin is in the back of the green make sure you could get it over the ridge. Water is behind hole and if you go long you will likely be in the water. 6th- A short par 4. Take a driver down the left side of the fairway. There is another big valley in the center right section of the green. The miss on the approach shot is to the right of the green. 7th- A longer par 3. The hole does not play downhill although it appears to. Do not go long on this hole or you will end up in the water behind the green. The miss is short right of the green. 8th- An average par 5. Take your driver to any part of the fairway although right side is the better play. On your approach shot you will see a big white pole that is at the end of the fairway. That pole is an aiming point for your approach shot. If you miss to the right of the pole you may go in the water and if you miss left you should be okay. The green severely slants from front to back. If the pin is in the back of the green make sure you land it in the front of the green and have it roll to the pin in the back. If you hit the ball to far into the green it will roll off the green. 9th-An average par 3. Do not miss right because there is OB there. 10th-A short par 4. Take out your 3-wood or hybrid because if you took driver you would have to hit it perfectly to hit the tight fairway. If you miss to far right the trees will cut you off from the green although if you go a little right of the fairway you should end up okay. On the approach shot do not miss right either. 11th- A long par 4. Aim your driver to the right side of the left fairway bunker. Do not miss right of the fairway because there is OB there. There are 2 levels to the green that slope from back to front. 12th- A shorter par 4. Take 3-wood or if you