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Golf Speech

From the moment you boys set foot on the green I hope to witness nothing but hard work, competitive drive but most of all; sportsmanship. Now we're just moments away from the course and I'd like each one of you to know how far you've come as a team this year – but it isn't over yet. It's not over till the last stroke of the match, the worst thing we can do right now is get cocky and lose sight of a victory. Let's show up to this event confident, though not over confident, poised and focused. If we don't achieve those three virtues it'll be a long day for us.

For those of you who aren't already aware, it's looking pretty windy today, which means we need complete concentration. When you're hitting against the wind remember to use your seven iron to increase the velocity of your stroke – except Phillips, and Gardener. I want you two using a five no matter what; you both tend to under-estimate your own strength. Keep your feet square and take your time; we can't afford any stupid mistakes right now.

Golf is a true man's sport, the father of all recreation, and the competition of respect. Boys, get ready for the match of a lifetime. Really observe and take in the various obstacles as you walk the course, be mentally prepared for the oncoming event. Remember to hit with precision from the rough. Don't misjudge the importance of those medium range shots – one faulty motion could cost our team the match. This is it boys, we are competing for the glory and the…