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1. Describe product: price, variety, quality, design, features, brand name, packaging, sizes, services, warranties, returns. Describe the production process (major steps in the construction/manufacturing)
GolfTec is a golf retail store known for improving the average golfer with lessons and club fitting. GolfTec has club evaluations, sequential lessons, improvement plans and lesson programs. Club evaluations are 90 minute sessions that identify any problems in a golfers’ bag using thorough analysis of shaft frequency, swing weight, gap analysis, shaft flex and loft/lie measurements. The rate for a club evaluation is $162. Sequential lessons are single lesson that range from $42-$73 per hour. Lesson plans can range from 10-52 lessons and rates are from $102-$166 per month. Improvement plans is GolfTec’s most comprehensive way to improve a golfers game. The plan includes a lesson program, club consultation, access to video-based practices, game tracking and great discounts. The rates for Improvement plans range from $139-$192 per month. All prices and services vary by market. GolfTec has five factors to the Proven Path for maximum improvements and lasting results. 1. Fact-based Diagnosis- An objective analysis using video, motion measurement and a proprietary database of over 150 tour players. 2. Sequential Lessons- GolfTec’s certified personal coaches give easily understood golf lessons that build repeatable skills and lasting results. 3. Video-based Practice- Learning rates are dramatically accelerated with visual feedback that positively reinforces new swing habits. 4. Advanced Retention Tools- GolfTec’s online Player Performance Center provides private 24/7 access to golf lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that reinforce every improvement program. 5. Precision-matched Clubs- GolfTec’s unbiased club fitting process filters through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match to each player’s swing.

2. Profile a rich, full description of the prospective customer in terms of demographics & psychographics.
Why do they buy it? How do they use it? Note material and non-material benefits
Where is this product sold? Cite specific store names.

China Demographics
Wei Wong is 40 years old and is a pharmaceutical salesman for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China. On his free time, Wei enjoys playing golf with friends. Golf is too expensive for him to play on a regular basis, so he spends his time practicing at the driving range. When he is not practicing on his golf game, he is spending it with his wife and 4 year old son. When his son is old enough, Wei would like to encourage him to play.
Xie Chengfeng is an 8 year old and is the son of Xie Xiaochun, a 43 year old migrant from northeastern China. He made a fortune in the trucking-logistics business. He bought a house and a golf membership to Mission Hills. Almost every day, Xie Chengfeng works out in the morning, using punching bags, medicine balls, and a bull whip. Then he heads off to the driving range for two hours practicing on his game. After practice, he plays a round at Mission Hills. The rest of the day, he is taking piano lessons, math tutorials, and an English class. Xie does not attend any school, but only works toward becoming a future PGA tour player.
Brazil Demographics
Paulo Rocha is 32 years old and single living with his younger brother in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro. He works at Visagio, a Consulting Engineering company located in Rio de Janeiro, where he is an Engineer Consultant. During his free time, Paulo likes to stay active, riding his bike and playing soccer with his friends. His newest hobby is playing golf, which one of his co-workers introduced him to. He enjoys playing but is a beginner and would like to improve his game by finding a certified teacher.
Chinese psychographics
Culture generations: Active seniors over 45, Go-Getters between 20-45,