Essay about Gone: the Streets and Sonny Ramos

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Gone In the treacherous streets of Compton, random burst of gunfire, police sirens, and helicopters was the cities norm. Drugs and Gangbanging ran the streets, making it unsafe to simply walk out in the neighborhood. The average person would be petrified to even drive through, but all of this was as scary as a jack in the box, compared to what Sonny Ramos went through. Sonny Ramos, a stalky, tall, Hispanic kid managed to deal with the cities violence, by playing sports, and having a best friend, a spitting image of Sonny just with darker skin and a shaved head, Meiko Esparza, a friend who would support him and his decision making. Being neighbors, Sonny and Meiko would constantly hang out with each other in front of their house. One Friday after school, Sonny waited for Meiko in front of the campus. An hour later Sonny sees Meiko walking towards the street from the school. With slight anger and annoyance Sonny met Meiko half way shouting,” What the hell breh? I’ve been waiting since like two thirty!” Meiko replied,” My bad cuz, I had to get my EBT card from the Grams.” Sonny simply got over it and they began to walk to churches chicken, a Friday ritual the friends have adopted. When they finished their order, Sonny began to reach for his crumpled singles and quarters from his pockets, until Meiko interrupted, saying,” I got this cuz.” He then proceeded to pull a single hundred from a five inch thick stack of “Benjamin’s”. With awe Sonny gazed silently at the stacks of money, as Meiko payed the cashier. “ I know you better not be sellin’ snow (cocaine) again.” Said Sonny with a whisper.
“Nah homie you know I wouldn’t do that again, I just came across a little money.” Said Meiko without a care.
“A little? Nigga you carrying like eight stacks like it’s nothin’! Where’d you get it from?” said Sonny with a little anger. Meiko sighs, and pulls Sonny closer so nobody would hear him. “ This morning I woke up hungry as hell. I told my moms to make me somthin’ but she used all her money for crystal, and she was tweaked out…”
“You could’ve came to my house.” Sonny interrupted.
“Hol’ up, let me finish.”
“Aight, go ahead.”
“So I left the house at like six thirty, to jack something from Freddy’s Fruit stand, and check me out, I walked by a Compton blood’s car, and when I looked through the window there was a McDonalds paper bag. I thought it was some McMuffins or something, so I opened the back door, took the bag, and dipped.”
“And the money was inside?” Sonny questioned
“Nah, it was pancakes! Haha!” said Meiko