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Gone with the Wind

Gone With the Wind portrays a very biased aspect of Southern life, the confederacy, and slavery during the Civil War time period. There are many views of the war, but this portrays that the South was innocent in the war, and that slaves were treated as equals and treated fairly by their slave owners. It also shows much of the war coming from a Southern perspective. When the Black soldiers told Scarlett that she shouldn't worry about the war because they were going to fight off the Yankees, this romanticizes the role slaves played in everyday lives of the rich, white people. This movie leads it’s audience to believe that the slaves during this time period lived in peaceful relationships with their owners while often this was untrue. Gone with the Wind t is favored by the south in the fact that it makes it seem as though the Yankees have come to the South to ruin it, and the Confederacy is just there in defense to their hostility. Gone With the Wind has failed to show the true and often horrifying aspects to being a slave. Many of the able slaves had already run away by the time Sherman's army had reached Atlanta, therefore they would not have been around at the time of need during the Civil War. Gone with the Wind is a story movie about Scarlett O'Hara, a daughter of a rich plantation owner in Georgia, and the trials she encounters in the antebellum South. As time progresses, Scarlett undergoes change from a girl to a capable woman, and experiences the South and its pre-war life style as it becomes gone with the wind. Gone with the Wind is not historically accurate in it’s biased opinion, but as far as the setting and the way the characters dress, that much is historically accurate. This movie shows that there are many