Essay on Gone with the Wind

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This movie is set in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1861 and continues throughout the entirety of the Civil War. Through loss of everything she had ever held dear we see the main character of the movie Scarlett O’Hara triumph over every obstacle that comes her way with strength, confidence and a complete disregard for anyone but herself. The last scene in the movie is set in the Butler’s mansion with its tall sprawling ceilings and French Southern design. In the background above the stairs the dull evening sunlight shines through a beautifully colored mosaic window that is fashioned into a picturesque castle on a hill rising above the tall banisters. Atop each banister is a golden chandelier holding sleek white candles. Such extravagance is profoundly noticeable even through the most dramatic parts of the scene. We enter the scene with Mrs. Scarlett O’Hara Butler tearing down the dark wooden stairs that ascend into the lavish foyer as she frantically calls after her husband who is leaving her. She is struggling to hold up her long, black velveteen dress as she traverses the steep stairs. The hastened orchestral music intensifies with every step that she makes. As Scarlett nears the final stair the camera shifts to her point of view. Rhett Butler is seen bending down in his dapper gray suit to grasp his piece of luggage and then opening the heavy oaken door that is adorned with a window designed in gold and blue. As he steps over the threshold Scarlett rushes to the door completely out of breath calling his name again. As Rhett turns around Scarlett hastily questions, “If you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?” As she whimpers awaiting an answer Rhett looks upon Scarlett’s porcelain face and says with utter dismay, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” The camera shifts to the view behind Scarlett’s head looking out onto the dark foggy lawn as Rhett Butler, placing his hat on his head, strides off into the distance. As he fades away the view returns to Scarlett clinging to the door weeping over the loss of the only man that she every truly loved. The music then affects a decrescendo and lulls into a quiet saddening tune. Tears rolling down her face she closes her eyes in anguish. The golden broach with a cream overlay dominates Scarlett’s neck as the view centers in on her downcast face.
As Scarlett raises her head with her emerald green eyes glistening with tears and she says to…