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Mario Garcia
GS 1145
Unit 2 Assign. 2
The Future for Water
As the nation’s population increases and climate change creates larger areas prone to drought, water is becoming a precious resource. Without the availability of water that we have today, life as we know will come to a standstill if this issue is not dealt with, emerging technologies have to be able to keep up with the growing demand as water increases in scarcity. One of the new ways that cites around the world are trying to keep up with the demand is through the creation of “gray water”. This is the process of cleaning water that is created from drinking fountains to toilet flushing and reused for irrigation and other purposes that do not include the usage of humans. This allows for the opportunity for the creation of an alternative water source for residential and commercial usage as well as municipal. Which then creates less of a strain on natural resources. The standards and regulations of “gray water” are strict. A long process is required, but the ending results are completely worth it. By reusing water, the community is able allocate the remaining water sources more efficiently and with greater ease. Another technology mentioned in the article is usage of salt water, even though it is still an emerging idea, it has potential since the amount of salt water is infinite.
I think that these technologies are not only interesting but very vital to our future. They hold the key to our future generations. As fresh water sources dwindle, we have to improvise. We need this kind of ingenuity, so we may be able to sustain ourselves. These