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By: Keana Carter & Ashley Brown

 Gonorrhea- a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that tends to attack the mucous membranes of the body. It is the second most common STD in the U.S.
 It does not always cause symptoms.

How to Prevent from spreading?  Inform your partner(s) of the infection.
 Don’t have sex until treatment is complete.
 Be sure your partner(s) are tested before having sex again.
 Once you are cured & start having sex again, use female or latex condoms every time you have vaginal or anal intercourse.  Use a condom or dental dam for oral sex.

Forms of protection & testing Forms of Protection
 Use female condom
 Use male condom
 Practice safe sex routinely
 Minimize sex partners

Gonorrhea tests involve testing a sample of body fluid to see if the gonorrhea bacteria are present.
 Antibiotics are available; dose of generic 400mg cefixime

 Greenish/yellowish/whitish discharge from vagina
 Lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain
 Burning while urinating
 Conjunctivitis (red itchy eyes)
 Bleeding between periods
 Spotting after intercourse
 Burning in throat (due to oral sex)

Sometimes symptoms are so mild, they go unnoticed

 Greenish/yellowish/whitish discharge from penis
 Burning while urinating
 Burning in throat (due to oral sex)
 Painful or swollen testicles
 Usually appear 2-14 days after infection

Consequences if not treated
 Bacteria can spread to reproductive tract
 Spread to blood stream & infect joints, heart valves, or the brain.
 Can cause PID, cause scar tissue in the fallopian tubes. (tubal pregnancy)
 HIV infection increases
 Pelvic inflammatory disease

 Sterility
 Swollen testicles
 Gonorrhea spreading to blood & joints causing disease; can become terminal. Statistics
 Gonorrhea is a very common STD
 820,000 people in the…