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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Currently, I am a senior Seller in Marketing Department of Kristal Company. According to the Financial Report 2014, total profit of our company has declined 20% comparing 2013 by the reducing demand of new product: Kristal Purest Water. The main purpose of today’s presentation is to discuss the topic “How should we do to improve sales of Kristal Purest Water? And I will talk about my research “what our competitors are doing” and the ways to resolve this issue in 2015.
Now that we’ve seen clearly the problem, let’s look at the table below. As we can see, Kristal is only available in delicatessens and health food shops while their competing brands (such as Welbeck and Rocky Mountain) are also available in supermarkets and convenience stores that why is easier for the competitor to increase quantity and attract the customers.

Rocky Mountain
Supermarket ×

√ ×
Health food shops


Convenience stores

√ × ×

The first point is the customers don’t know our product. Moreover, we have a problem with distribution of product.

This pie chart shows percentage market share in packaged bottled water in USA in 2014 It’s easy to see that Rocky Mountain ranked No.1 with a share of 55% in the marketplace.
Welbeck brand is the second challenge in packaged bottled water category with 27%. Fontainlbleau and others brand have the same market share with 8% and 7% respectively.
The second point is some customers