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To our current and future clients:
It's time to share exciting news with everybody! Living4Learning has decided to release LiveMobile by May 2015. There will be a new way of studying! LiveMobile is a brand-new design for E-learning. It is a convenient tool replacing notebooks and laptop. Moreover, LiveMobile has two remarkable features. • Firstly, we are glade to introduce new framework on HTML5.
HTML5 is a powerful platform that has a great video performance, giving students a vivid lecture.
• Secondly, we also use micro-discussion tool.
Micro-discussion tool is able to post message etc. and make conversation easier. For example, asking a question and getting an answer to it will be much quick and efficient. Hence, LiveMobile will be a critical bond between teachers and students.
We wish we could make a great attribution to the future education.
Nowadays, the number of mobile device user rises and it predicts that
LiveMobile will be a dominant tool to study. Our product will provide a user-friendly learning method. Hence it is essential to promote mobile technology in the classroom and bring an academic success to everyone.
Our product will be released and able to download from our website
( Please keep watching for our update.

Living4Learning Team 05
Phone: 519-XXX-XXX November 7, 2013

To Living4Learning colleagues:
Recently, we got the feedbacks of version 11.1 on October 25. Users complained that
LivingMobile worked slowly and it usually didn't work in the morning. Some users are upset with this outcome. However, we initially need to find the reason and provide shortterm solution and long-term solution.
Living4Learning was to decide use framework method to develop studio project.
Unfortunately, this method is not suitable. Most developers are not familiar using frameworks. Moreover, Live4Learning lacks of effective debugging tools. Therefore, debugging cannot be solved on time and bugs in the framework translated into bugs in the apps, which causes slow speeds and frequent crashes.
Initially, we should response to frustrated users immediately and tell them we will be