Good and Bad Salesman Essay

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To many people it is believed that a job in sales requires the salesman to be outgoing, talkative, and sometimes forceful. People also think that success in selling mainly depends on your ability to persuade and to make people believe what you say. In other words, selling is believed to be a career which forces a person to be smart and manipulative. The salesman who can wisely use his words to persuade a customer can easily sell, and one who can’t persuade will not be able to do so. People think the job forces them to be rather open and that most success rests on their ability to speak. To people who are just naturally shy, it may seem like a pretty tough task.
Sometimes the image of a salesman makes people think twice about having a career in selling. Building a strong, trustworthy rapport with customers is very important when it comes to selling, and many salesman find it difficult to build this type of relationship with strangers. The truth about selling is that one mainly comes across customers who are strangers for most of us. All of these things together makes people shy away from having a career in selling. In all truthfulness, it is also only partially true. Confidence to talk and build a relationship with the customer is an essential for this job. On the other hand, it is not true that only outgoing and talkative people can do well within the job.
For a sales person while it is very essential to be confident, it is also essential to be truthful and polite. It is unfair to give untrue information to the customers about the product or to try to persuade the customer using unfair reasons or by being too forceful. I frequently come across these type of people in my daily life. Most of us may have come across these type of instances where a sales person may have annoyed us by trying to force us to buy what he was selling, or at a store by being much less cooperative than expected. Uncooperative salesman are rather a larger issue compared to the forceful ones who attempt to make us to buy the product they are selling. I have come in contact with these type of sales people many times, but the one that I came across while shopping for shoes was really an issue and it doesn’t seem I am easily forgetting the experience I had with him. As a man of middle class income, I was looking for shoes which suited my budget, and also looked nice. There was a worker at the store who I asked to show me some shoes according to the amount of money I wanted to spend and which worked for my taste. However, the guy started showing me shoes that were either too expensive or did not appear nice to me. I asked him several times to show me shoes within the price range I had voiced. I was pretty sure that the store had nice shoes within my budget, but the salesman purposefully wasn’t showing them and kept trying to force me to buy the more expensive ones. I began to start regretting why I even chose this store. Finally, when I told him I wasn’t going to buy the ones above my budget, he should show me the shoes within it, he gave me a look as if I had wasted his time. However, the salesman started realizing that I was going to leave without buying anything. He then showed me a few good shoes and I decided to buy one. Finally I bought one that I liked even though my experience at the shop with the salesman was not good, and when I left the store I was not in a very good mood. I always try to keep away of such sales people, who will offer me other things rather than offering their cooperation to the customer would spoil his mood and time. My experience that day was both highly unpleasant and uncomfortable and it felt annoying when the guy tried to force me to buy a shoe that I didn’t want and I had to ask him for a cheaper one. In some moments, we come across good salesman who would rather cooperate and help you make the perfect choices. I have come across one salesman who is actually pretty good. I had this experience at a