Essay on Good and Evil Coexisting

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3 January 2014

Inseparable Dualities within Mankind: Victor Frankenstein and Grendel Having much relation to the Yin-Yang symbol, two elements cannot survive without one another. This balance is what gives them their purpose because of the major differences that they impact on each other. Virtue and evil are contrasting morals but can’t expose their true individual potentials without shedding some light on the other. Their purpose is to be as far away from each other as possible; but at the same time, coexist in order to symbolize their meanings. Victor Frankenstein and Grendel both have their morals and beliefs about what they choose to do with their free will. Since there is a duality between forces of good and evil, all actions that are done have equal and opposite reactions to them. Dr. Frankenstein’s inquisitiveness and curiosity for the science of human anatomy brings him hope for himself. He feels he has a true purpose in the study of “natural philosophy, and particularly chemistry, in the most comprehensive sense of the term” (Shelley 45). Victor wishes to absorb all the knowledge he can about the deeper secrets of nature in pursuit of a breakthrough. His restless nights of study and his dream of mastering this mysterious subject led to him “endeavoring to seek a few moments of forgetfulness” (Shelley 51). Victor’s excess love for human science created a product of monstrosity and ushered in a figure of horror. Grendels monstrous appetite for human flesh causes him to have no other choice but to relieve his abominable habits. He begins his carnage to “move from bed, to bed and destroy them all, swallow every last man” (Gardner Packet 2). It is obvious that Grendel is possessed with a complete inhumane mindset, and that’s a big contributing factor to his evil actions. The reaction always shows itself immediately after. Beowulf stops Grendel any further and lets him know that despite all of his havoc, “strong searching roots will crack your cave and rain will cleanse it” (Gardner Packet 2). Evil will always exist within virtue, and good will always have a sign whenever evil is brought upon. When Justine Moritz arrives to the Frankenstein residence, she hopes for a friendly reunion because she used to live with them. She is recognized that whenever hardships may be present in someone’s life, “one glance from Justine could dissipate it” (Shelley 58). Victor’s unintended creation is responsible for the death of his younger brother, William. The unrighteous accusation that Justine was responsible for the murder, reveals that even the most pure and