Good Baseball Player Essay

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Have you ever realized how lucky you are to have a family and money to buy new things and not have to work or have responsibilities, Michael has to do all of these things in a very short notice. In the book Heat by Mike Lupica, Michael is athletic, dedicated and responsible. He has to take on many sad and tough things to over come but in the end he comes up big as a winner. Michael is one of the top players in the state. He is the best hitter, pitcher and has led his team to the championship game. Michael is playing Little League and he just made the all-star team. They are trying to get to the Little League World Series. “Michael went into his wind up and threw the heater right by him and Yankee Stadium went wild.” Michael was in the championship game at Yankee Stadium and he is pitching. Michael is a really good baseball player but he has one problem, he is has one problem, he cannot provide a birth certificate to be eligible to play. “The two constants in my life are baseball and the thump of the train.” Michael loves baseball and he lives in an apartment under the railroad tracks and that is the sound he always hears. Michael is a very good baseball player and he shows it through his commitment to the game.
Michael and Carlos are going to go through rough things with out having a parent in the house to pay the bills and drive them to certain things. Michaels dad was killed a couple of months ago and they haven’t told anyone, they have been stalling saying that he has been visiting a sick uncle in Florida because Michael and