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Let your success show in the person you become, rather than your accomplishments. Rather than trying to impress others with what you can do (and have done) – let your character and demeanor convey your power in every interaction with others. You’ll find that people usually care less about what you’ve done than who you are.

A truly successful person never has to say a word about their accomplishments, because it’s written all over them.

The greatest thing about this inner journey to success is that it automatically causes the floodgates of prosperity to open and shower you with other benefits, like money and prestige. Of course, by then they’re just a nice bonus to the greatest benefit of success – who you’ve become along the way.

Characteristics To Make A Good Boss

Every successful company is usually led by a good boss, who is decisive,

A good listener and effective. In my opinion, a decisive boss is a person, who comes up

with a decision quickly and correctly. In order to make workers’ confidence and orient

ability in dealing with problems, a good boss should be a decision-makers whenever the

company has problems. For example, when there is any problem, the decisive boss

does not let workers wait for the boss’ decisions. In addition, a good listener boss

always brings a comfortable working environment to workers. Workers will be able to

share comfortably with the boss when they have difficulties, such as unclear