Good Communication Skills Essay

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Use and develop systems that promote communication

2.1) Explain how to support effective communicating within own role

My role is a registered care manager, in this role I have to communicate with a variety of people, service users, staff social workers, health professionals and families. It is vital that I have good communication skills to be able to build relationships and share information with people using services and others involved.
I have to be able to use a variety of communication methods in my role. Along side good communication I also need to be approachable and adaptable so people feel they can communicate effectively with me. Some of these methods are:
Object of reference
It is important to use a method of communication that suits the other person. I am clear and concise when delivering information and communication, especially with people who have autism. I refrain from using jargon and long complicated sentences. I break down information and give clear direct instruction. I allow tome for the individual to process the information I’ve given them and have to take in to consideration their understanding of what I am saying.

Effective communication skills are crucial part of my role, they will be used to help with the following areas
Develop positive relationships with service users and their family. This makes people feel valued and listened to, it produces a person centred care package that meets the needs of that individual. I need to share information with people and involve them in