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Monisha Otkins
History 102
Test 3 This is due on Monday, April 12, 2013, in class. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY EMAIL SUBMISSIONS NOR WILL I ACCEPT ANY LATE SUBMISSIONS. If it is not turned in on time, then you have forfeited your grade. All answers must be typed and nothing written will be accepted. This is a big part of your grade and NO EXCUSES. Do not cut corners with this assignment; it will hurt your grade. Answer all questions thoroughly and it their entirety.
Define the terms and also discuss the significance of the terms. You have to state the importance of the term. Any of this material can be referenced from searching theInternet and/or your notes that were emailed to you. Be mindful of your responses because they will be weighted heavily. Short answers will be penalized. The terms are worth 8 points each for a total of 40 points, part II is worth 20 points (10 points each) andand the essays will count for the other 40 points, (5 points each). You will be graded on content, clarity, and organization for the essays and terms. Make sure youPROOFREAD.

Define and DISCUSS the terms. You must say what the term is and why is it important. Aristotle- was a Greek philosopher and polymath,a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great.

Isaac Newton-was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution.

Hippocrates- was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

Imhotep-meaning "the one who comes in peace, is with peace"), was anEgyptian polymath,[1] who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god.

Eurocentrism- is the practice of viewing the world from a European perspective.

Briefly discuss your personal interpretation of the quote in 4-5 sentences. 1. There is much to be known, life is short, and life is not life without knowledge. It is therefore an excellent device to acquire knowledge from everybody. Thus, by the sweat of another’s brow, you win the reputation of being an oracle. -Baltasar Gracian
In my option this quote means that you gain knowledge in everything you do and everyday you live. That knowledge is endless and the more you know the more you understand and comprehend the true meaning of living. It also means that you can learn more from people by talking less and listening more. Which is why you have 1 mouth and 2 ears. 2. Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion. –Egyptian proverb
This quote means never attempt to mold your self into a type of category. It means to be yourself and believe that you are so unique that you cannot be described. And that if you attempt to do so it would be you portraying what you think of the world. So sooner or later you will become transparent.

Answer the questions with a MINIMUM of 4 complete sentences. Remember, sentences such as, “Yes, I agree,” or any other short cuts of thought, will not be considered ascomplete sentences. 1. Can God and science co-exist peacefully? Why or why not?
I personally believe that god and science cannot co-exist peacefully because it will always be questions and science is based on facts and theory. God cannot be proven or tested so it would be impossible to explain it with proof. Also, science does not coincide with the bible,it believes life on earth began with Egyptians.
2. Can either one of these aspects, diminish the other?
I do believe that science can diminish God. It may not be able to erase it all together but most people believe in facts over spirit. It's kind of like if someone ask you to jump on a spiritual platform or an actual one. You will use the common seance that God gave